The Belgian company Magic Mirrors is one of the biggest Mirror Tent rental companies in the world. The company’s founder, Alex Meder, has been “attracted” by these types of tents from a very young age. Atmosphere, passion and perception were the powers which drew him in. He started buying, collecting and adjusting these mirror tents from 1985 and found new ways of exploiting them. Keeping the soul and perception, but linking it to the demands of today, including parties, festive events, marketing, etc.

We are also constantly on the look out for improvements and innovations where the construction of these tents is concerned. Interal tc and Magic Mirrors have constructed a central bridge in order to simplify the construction process, which can easily be raised up with 2 winches.
The construction has been designed in such a way that it will easily fit in a large number of Magic Mirrors’ tents with just a few minor adjustments.
The central bridge is also used to bring the technology along to the top.

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